Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost There!

Well, I managed to ignore this blog until I no longer remembered the password. But now I'm on it, and I can give a bit of a run-down as to what I'm up to!
As of Saturday I will have all of my gear assembled and (knock on wood) my cameras uploaded with the hackerware I'll need to shoot the time-lapse film. Thanks to my good friend David, I got my camera boxes built, and once I get back onto Hornby I'll attach them to the bike and do a practice shoot. That will be the moment of truth, as I will be too far away from anything urban to do anything about it, and i won't get back into town until the day before I fly. But I'm pretty lucky, so I think it'll all come together.
And if not - I'll find some sort of solution. Note the nervous tension.
So here's where I give my thanks:
Thanks to all of my friends and family who have helped me along the way.
Thanks to Brodie, Mighty Riders, Lens and Shutter and all the many small, local businesses who helped with donations and advice.
It's only 18 days before I fly out. With the Holidays in there, time will fly at an amazing rate.
I plan on definitely getting on here once more before I go to format my page and let you know of some good causes out there that you might want to look into... and then you'll get nothing but the fun adventures of myself on the road.


Alastair said...

good luck with the ride!

M said...

Thanks Alastair!